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Product Features of the New Fabric Innerduct

Product Features of the New Fabric Innerduct

Nov 8,2022
SUNSHINE now carries the superior replacement for new textile fabric innerduct which is the flexible fabric innerduct. 
This fabric innerduct is a woven sleeve innerduct product manufactured from polyesters monofilaments and designed to optimize allocation for cables within conduit structures. 

Maximizing cable capacity within conduit is one of the most important aspects of successful cable installation. Conventional HDPE innerduct limits the amount of cable that can be installed. Our fabric innerduct conforms to the shape of cable instead of holding a circular profile. It improves space utilization up to 85 percent as compared to 60 percent or less with traditional rigid innerduct products. 

Now you can increase space utilization in both occupied and unoccupied conduit far beyond what traditional rigid innerduct can achieve.  Installers can now dramatically simplify the installation process and greatly reduce installation costs.

Due to its single cell design, Our fabric innerduct can be engineered to accomodate many different cable sizes.  Standard and detectable versions are available on 1000, 2500 and 5000-foot recyclable spools.  Single-cell sizes currently available range from ¾" to 1¾" in ¼" increments.  Customized configurations and packaging are also available. 

Product Features:
Lightweight and highly flexible.
Individual reels can accomodate from 1 to 4-cell configurations.
Protects against moisture absorption.
Chemical and ultraviolet (UV) resistant.
Weighs a fraction of traditional innerduct products.
Conforms to available space during installation.
Maintains a flat profile for shipping and storage.
Packaged on a wooden spool with plastic fiber flanges.
Pre-installed MULETAPE® printed with sequential footage markers.
Customized packaging and configurations also available.
Compatible with Multiple Installation Methods.

We also stock plenum innerduct, fiber optic duct, conduit and raceway systems including Fiber Duct, Outside Plant Conduit, Plenum Innerduct, Riser Rated Innerduct, Toneable Duct, Corrugated Innerduct and more. 

This is manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and is intended to be placed inside of existing innerduct. It¹s ideal for pulls under 1000 ft. and is designed to reduce surface contact when pulling cable. This lightweight product offers maximum flexibility, and allows for installation in small or restricted areas.