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SUNSHINE (since 2011) provides flexible fabric innerduct system, inflatable duct sealing system and fiber optic communication devices procuts and solutions. As the pioneer in fabric innerduct technology from China, SUNSHINE is able to develop unique solutions for specific application issues. We can help you provide the right product and design to maximize the efficiency of your assets.

Knowledge Center

  • Product Features of the New Fabric Innerduct
    Product Features of the New Fabric InnerductNov 8,2022
    Maximizing cable capacity within conduit is one of the most important aspects of successful cable installation. Conventional HDPE innerduct limits the amount of cable that can be installed. Our fabric innerduct conforms to the shape of cable instead of holding a circular profile. It improves space utilization up to 85 percent as compared to 60 percent or less with traditional rigid innerduct products.
  • Features and applications of fabric Innerduct
    Features and applications of fabric InnerductOct 13,2022
    Fabric innerduct designs to greatly minimizing the wasted space associated with rigid innerduct.
  • What is a fiber optic splice closure?
    What is a fiber optic splice closure?Sep 17,2022
    A Fiber Optic Splice Closure is one fiber cable junction box/enclosure, mainly used to accommodate & protect fiber optic splices, realizing fiber cables' branching, termination...